Thought Of The Week (Its not 'Just A Print')

I frequented my 'Big Print Lab' again today and was amazed by some of the images I had printed. This may seem a strange thing to say, but its mainly due to the fact I had never seen these particular images printed above 11/14 inches. Its always a delight for me when I see my work large, which lets face it is the whole reason for me shooting big negs in the first place.
I have found the optimum size for my landscapes tends to be 30/40 inches which I have found works excellent in a gallery space because its like looking through a window at the actual scene, well that's my theory anyway..
The thing is with big prints is that because so much time and effort goes into the print itself, and because it is of the optimum size creating the most impact, you tend to get a bit attached and almost don't want to ship it off , a bit like dropping a child off on there first school day of school. This tends to be worse the futher up the edition you go. As for that last number 7 in an edition of 7, well in the words of JK Rowling when she finished Harry Potter; "I simply just wept..."

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