One Elephant, Two Elephant, Three Elephant, and so on

I have mentioned a few times how important I find books on photography in terms of influence and eye pleasures and try to add a few each month to my mountainous collection. Some I buy on impulse, others I go back to a few times before parting with the reddies.. This month I went slightly crazy and almost melted my credit card. I wont list them all as I would come across a total twit, instead I wanted to highlight the work of Peter Bialobrzeski and his 'book Lost In Transistion.'
I love 'Neon Tigers' Bialobrzeski's book prior to this one and especially like his technique which creates lightness within the darkness, if you see what I mean. The exposures look monumental judging by the highlights and is exceptionally well controlled. I love 'Neon' but Lost in Transistion just popped my balloons. If I had to have just one it would be 'Transistion', but I have both so there...

Nice one zeski

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