Take A View (and preferably bin it..)

I just can't tell you how un-excited I am with this years Take A View photography competition.
Being a landscape photographer myself you would think I would jump at the chance to enter a competition with such a high caliber of judgement and a big wod of cash up for crabs....BUT the sad truth is, I would never put my name to such an event which has a category for 'Mobile Phone photography', if in fact you can call it photography. A phone is for communicating with people and if like me you have a crappy plastic lens on the back of your phone, then you fell for the sales gimmick just like I did.
Its not just the phone thing, its everything I hate about competitions in general where any true talents are usually cast aside.
So I want to ask the question? "Why would you enter a photographic competition?"
It doesn't matter what the theme is, 'The Portrait Prize, The Nature Prize, The Landscape Prize, The Fat Baby Prize', there all the same. Thousands of entries with basically lottery odds of winning a bag of sweets, never mind the big prize. And for those of you that think your entry will be fair and anonymous, well I very much doubt it as I have seen my fair share of competition politics in the past. As for thinking a competition will boost your career ten fold, again very doubtful.
What happened to that Liverpool fella from Big Brother who had a DIY show.....

I should clarify that this is not dig at the likes of The City Bank Prize or The Deutsche Borse Photography Prize as they are not the amateur driven plop I have mentioned above and only the best of there field are entered after many years in there profession...Competitions like Take A View (and shove it!) are about a bit of spare cash to keep the hobbyists happy... In my humble opinion of of course.

Feel a bit faint after that... And no, I do not do competitions, never even bought a scratch card...
Now, what where my numbers again...

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