After 551 posts since the birth of the b-mode way back in the eighteenth century I have to admit to having a little trouble finding other photographers landscape work that I like. The main reason is probably due to me trying to find mostly British photographers and although there are millions (a fair few covered here already), most of them don't really float my boat with a lot of rehashing going on of better images created by better photographers.
If I was a fan of totally natural landscapes, (think chocolate box, office calenders and Joe Cornish) I would be blogging 24/7 and then some. But I'm not, and although there may be some talented guys out there with technical skills beyond rocket science I see no real talent in repeating what's gone before be it a mountain pass, a pebble on the beach or a squirrel in a tree with big ginger nuts..
So today I leave you with an image taken in what is probably one of the least natural and unlikely landscape places on Earth, a motel in Fresno USA.
Did someone actually design this building and paint it pink?
Whats with the sparse palms in the background?
And why on earth would you go there?

For me a photograph needs to ask questions, not answer the obvious..

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