Recently I was given a choice regarding some exhibition prints that need-a-doing.

So, do I,

Have the loan of an Inkjet (or Giclee which is French for nozzle and doesn't fool me) printer, great big thing, all for free and capable of producing huge prints.


Continue with the expensive tried and tested C Type print which I have always used, know it works, and will last a fair old time.

Now dont get me wrong, I wouldn't blame anyone for going with the Ink Jet. I was very tempted myself and spent far to long reviewing the situation. But regarding exhibition prints, well it just has to be the traditional C Type.
As time goes on these decisions become harder to make, but hopefully it will pay off for one such as I who believes its so much nicer to receive a letter than an email...

Put it another way, If I was offered a state of the art digital watch for free or an Omega for a fiver, I'd go with the Omega (and please don't tell me its just a watch)..

I seemed to have lost the ability to make sense..

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