I tire of people constantly redoing images, it bores me to death..

When we were doing the edit for my show in March I thought it might be good to pop in a few images from my Salton Sea series (look here if you want to see). Its been quite a while since my day trips to the Salton and the sad truth is that I have never really exhibited the images as a whole even though there's a few popular ones with the lovely print buying people I call income. Usually I have no problem with going to, and finally, showing work from places usually over run with photographers. But the Salton Sea is different in so much that I regard it as being over photographed. In fact if I see another image of that flaming decayed caravan I will pop a nut (just google the salton sea).. It doesn't help that 90 percent of images I see from the Salton are utter pants and made with no real thought process or good usage of light and composition.
It does not matter how good an image is, if someone else has done a crappy version of it your impact is ruined and that is the very reason why most of this body of work will not see the light of day. There was even a point a few years back when I was offered a book deal on my Salton series, but there where just too many images (including books) of the place everywhere, but lets not go there..

I tire of people constantly redoing images, it bores me to death..


mark page said...

Yeah but as you have recently shown with your post on Nadav Kander and his China work, Quality will always rise to the top and your Salton pictures are there right at the top.I look forward to one day seeing them in the flesh s to speak...

marcus doyle said...

Thank you for the kind words. I totally agree with you and would not have written the post had I not discovered some little twit (who shall remain nameless for now) basically got in touch, asked details regarding location etc. (which of course I always accommodate), and basically copied most of what I had done before. Six months worth, waiting and searching done by this twerp in a single day in bad light with sloppy technique.
Its happened before with others in the past and I just dont get it...
What can you do..
Anyway, hope all is well..