TJ Proechel

Four American photographers have got together to form 'The Dreamboat Collective'. They are all talented and their work is great, but I do find it all remarkably similar in content and style. If it where here in the UK I couldn't really see the benefit (Yes, I have thought of similar things myself), but being that all four of these talents are thousands of miles apart (but in the same country), it could work out very well.

I like it when photographers do such things as a 'collaboration' and wonder how they came to have the idea, and may be also if they wrestle for jobs and fight over who's going where. I think it takes a certain kind of person to do this and having seen my fair share of petty photographers threatening to leave agencies, 'If they take on that photographer' (usually because they are jealous and threatened), its nice to see when it works well. In fact we only need to look at the early days of Magnum, F64 and The Doyley Doo Dogooders to see such 'collaborations' and how great they can be.

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