Drive Thru. Gila Bend. Marcus Doyle

Lounge Painting # 2, Gila Bend, Arizona. Wim Wenders.

It took me hours to find somebody
who could open up the lobby
of the old "Stout's" hotel on Main Street in Gila Bend.
It had been closed for years already.
That painting over the Coke machine haunts me ever since.
It's the dream version
of the perfect beginning
of a road movie.

Wim Wenders

I had been on the road for fourteen hours and was on my last leg of a two week trip which had taken me as far as Atlanta on the i20 freeway. I was five hundred miles from California and decided to stop over in Gila Bend. Exhausted I pulled into the Space Station Motel in my dusty V8. As the sun began to set I headed up Main Street with my camera excited by the prospect of new imagery and the thoughts of arriving home the next day. The Drive Thru was the only place open, and so after stocking up on supplies, and Bonnie's Ice cream, I made a single exposure and headed back to the Space Station.
Marcus Doyle

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