Marcus Doyle

The House Martin and the Cinema

Taken from work produced for various projects over the last decade
Diemar/Noble Photography, London is proud to present: Marcus Doyle
‘The House Martin and the Cinema‘
Beginning to work solely with a Large Format View Camera ten years
ago, his work is both visually breathtaking and incredibly detailed.
Doyle has exhibited in London, Paris, Belgium, Germany, Los Angeles,
New York, Chicago and Switzerland. Many of the photographs
selected for this exhibition have never been displayed in the UK before.

The exhibition displays the breadth and versatility of Doyle’s oeuvre,

from intimate interiors to epic landscapes.

Doyle’s photographs evoke a deep connection with his surroundings
and concern with the effect man has upon the environment. His
commitment to the image is well known, as Doyle often waits hours or
even days to capture a scene preferring only to using available light,
often through long exposures. His style is self-assured with bold
compositional choices and has an ambient quality rendering images
that almost ‘breathe’. Doyle’s palette is a vibrant one. Just as a painter
uses their brush to encapsulate a scene, Doyle draws out the colour in
the places he chooses to photograph instilling it with atmospheric
verve. This has earned him a worldwide reputation for exquisite prints.
Doyle was the first photographer to – in a concentrated way – do long
exposures of three hours or more at night. Due to such long exposures
often people have passed through a scene whilst the aperture is open,
yet are not captured in the image. However, their presence is felt
within the photograph regardless.

Doyle’s largest series to date is titled ‘Urban Sprawl’. It began in his
hometown of Carlisle in Cumbria. The work explores the interaction we
have upon the landscape as cities encroach further into the
countryside effecting the environment for better and for worse. So far
‘urban Sprawl’ has taken Doyle across Europe and America, back to
the UK and around its very edges, along the coastline.

At the onset he started out in black and white. His conversion to colour
came about as a result from a trip to Iceland. He felt that he could only
do justice to the Icelandic landscape through colour photography. This
began his long-standing practice of primarily using colour.

Intimate domestic settings are sharply observed, turning the everyday
into something extraordinary. His passion for beauty is recorded
through Doyle’s lens and finds it in the most unexpected places. A
dead bird on a windowsill, the frost on a wheelbarrow, or a diner at
dusk all become magically transformed into delicate, idyllic scenes.

Doyle does not research or scout his locations. He travels blind and
when he comes across a place of interest, he goes by his instincts to set
about photographing it. Interestingly, once the he has taken the
photograph Doyle never returns to that location. After extensive
traveling, his return to the UK cemented his belief that, “Everything I
need is right upon my doorstep.”

His book ‘Marcus Doyle: Night Vision – Intimacies of an Unblinking Eye’
with an essay by Matt Damsker, will also be available.

Exhibition dates 11th March – 17th April 2010
Gallery hours 11- 6 Tuesday through Saturday

Private View 10th March 6.30pm

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photographic consultant and lecturer, and Laura Noble, artist, curator,
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