After a bit of a break from the business of blogging, I like many others I might add, have come to the realization that its not all its cracked up to be. The only real purpose it seems to have is;
To create an outlet to vent spleen, tell a story of how I managed to lock myself in somewhere, make me realise just how many numpties are on the planet, and may be fill in that half hour before dinner when there's nothing on the TV.
Someone told me I had terrible grammar the other day which is very true and not in the least insulting because like Jerry Maguire 'I'm not a writer' and tend to type what I am thinking which to me is what a Blog is (let us not confuse Blogging with writing). But one thing I do have is dedication. If I say I am going to write a Blog, I will write it (at least for a long enough time as to make it worthwhile). I will not just have a go. Its the same with photography, especially nowadays in the realm of Pixel and Plastic when everybody thinks they can be a photographer.
And so I have decided to tell the world through this mighty blog that I am sticking to my guns. I am going to continue to shoot film, produce archival C Type Prints and basically continue my art as I started it, as a purist looking for nice things to make photographs of so people can admire them and perhaps put them on there wall. If theres litter in the shot I will pick it up, if the lights not right I will wait, If someone else has shot it I will walk away.
If any of these stop, then so will I.........

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