I have always wanted to photograph an abandoned institutionalised building like an asylum or a hospital of some sort. I am not quite sure why I have always had such a fascination with such places besides the obvious beauty-in-decay and sheer wonderment of discarded possessions.
I was chatting with Yvonne De Rosa this afternoon and talking a little about her work Crazy God which you can look at here (although the book has it in its entirety, so you may wish to purchase it..)
Simply put the work is fabulous. So much so I see no need for me to pursue such an endeavour myself.
Its nice to talk with other photographers and share insight with there work, a bit of show and tell if you like. What I found most interesting is that all of the Grazy God work was shot on 35mm which creates a sense of spontaneity I could not achieve on large format, refreshing to say the least. Its a haunting project and well worth a look.
Yvonne will be having a solo show at DiemarNoble on the 21st January.
Will remind you all nearer the time...

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