What is this..

Here in the North the book shops are poor, but thats not to say I wont grab a coffee in the local Costa located within a Waterstones (and perhaps one of those lemon muffins) and flick through a book which I will not buy and probably cover in coffee froth which I know is quite naughty.
Today I discovered a book by Jill Waterman on Night Photography and naturally became quite curios. Having never been impressed with any books of this nature in the past I thought this one showed promise as it had a foreword by Michael Kenna. Never have wiser words been spoken about night photography than the ones I read from Micky K who puts the main requirement for night work down to PATIENCE which I could not agree more with. Sadly after the foreword the book goes rapidly downhill and is overall quite naff with its poor reproduction and terrible upright format which is really no good when most of the images are landscape.. Ok, there are a few nice shots in there (about three) but the rest was a bit like my stale muffin. Shame really as it would of been nice to have some kind of guide book (not that I need one).
Basically there are two kinds of Night Work Photography. Very Good and Very Bad... Lets face it, if it was any good Michael Kenna would have a few images in it, sadly he has not.

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