I often find myself coming across and going back to the work of Steve Fitch, my favourite body of work being Gone. Abandonment on the High Plains (of course). I mentioned Eugene Richards on here a while back and his Blue Room work which covers a similar topic in a similar vain which at first I found just wonderful to behold on the web but not so in print due to poor reproduction (or at least I thought so) and the full bleed images (I thought they needed a bit more space around them). If I was to compare the two, I personally think Fitch would win hands down and not just because his book is of a far better quality and layout. There is a real haunting quality to Fitch's work which Richards just does not have. I also think Richards work is much cleaner, perhaps this is just down to plain old camera work but theres a rawness with Fitch I find most appealing. But this aint no competition, just two wonderful bodies of work...

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