As I was almost left thumb less and fingerless on Sunday after an encounter with a pack of fat Bulldogs (every month there is a Bulldog meet up here in London, a really stupid idea in my opinion, I mean put thirty bulldogs on a small patch of grass and your going to get trouble..) I am finding it hard to type with my dog infected wounds inducing pain each time I press a key. But commitment to a blog is an important discipline even with a diseased hand...

So basically my show at the Wharf comes down on Monday 11th. If you have not made it to this photographic adventure I urge you to make the epic journey and say hello to Stuart who may even make you a cup of tea (champagne if you buy something).

Times are still crap as we all know, but I think its important to push on through. To be honest I am not even sure when I will next have a show and will probably wait until things start to bite again before I even contemplate putting any kind of proposals forward. I have said it before but London really is a baron desert when it comes to flogging photographs. Hopefully this will not be the case this weekend in the Spitalfields area as there is a nice big photo fair as part of photomonth here in London (not a lot of advertising for this I know). Lots to do and see in the next couple of weeks. Lets hope London can get people excited and serious about photography.

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