I have a headache..

As photographers we are all faced with the same problem sooner or later. That problem is storage, be it negatives which for me are by far the most important thing, or of course digital files which raise a whole new series of problems and a headache to go with it. Does one just leave them on a computer, send them into the world wide web, put them on a separate hard drive, burn them onto a disc, or all of the above..
I have seen photographers become obsessed with this whole storage thing probably because they do not fully trust something virtual which can disappear like a fart in the breeze.

Today I took delivery of all my exhibition prints which now reside in a mighty lock up out of harms way (they are much bigger than I remember). Its dry and cool which is perfect for storing prints. It should be remembered that things like heaters should be kept well away from packed prints as it can cause condensation and of course fire. I have taken the up most care to prevent any future problems (leaky pipes etc) and am reminded of all the horror stories I have heard over the years be it a burst water main, earth quake or fire. But lets face it, theres just no way to be 100 percent safe in these matters and there never will be.

As for me, I will enjoy rotating my show pieces in my home (the best way to keep framed work) until they sell (eventually). They certainly wont be cast aside like a pair or Rolla Skates or a Gut Buster..

Now then, wheres my drill...

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