Let me think..

With project ideas coming out of both ends and 'unfinished projects' longing to be finished (we call these 'ongoing projects' but it really means there's no money left, the trip was cut short, or the photographer couldn't take any more.. ). I find I am now looking for a calendar slot in which to get everything shot. Inevitably there will be some sort of spanner in the works to hinder my progress, like an unpaid bill, a dog with a limp which just wont go away, or the fact one needs to buy some proper outdoor clothing as all they have are T Shirts and vest tops.
It is true that my budgets are as tight as an ants arse these days but the one thing I will never do is go cheap and cut corners on things like film, processing and prints. Do this and you may as well stay in and worry about the ozone layer or something.. (May I at this point reassure all the labs in London I seem to owe money that I will pay them ASAP or before)
I heard Joel Sternfeld tell a tale once that when he was shooting what is now American Prospects (a masterpiece I might add) he limited himself to only shooting two sheets of 10/8 film per day. His reasoning was simple, he had little money at the time (or so he claimed) and two sheets a day was all he could afford. I often wondered since hearing Joel's words of wisdom why he didn't just spend a week somewhere and then shoot fourteen sheets all at once..

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