Making the most of my time in the North I decided to venture out despite the coastal weather warnings of torrential rain and high winds. During a map reading session the other day I come across a place in Northumbria with the delightful name of Cockplay and felt somewhat compelled to visit the place if only to do a self portrait under this delightful village name. In the end I thought I should work on some projects instead and opted for good old Berwick Upon Tweed, a delightful town once Scottish, then English, then Scottish, then English, then Scottish, and then finally English (I think).
I always like to stop off at the Cream Puff, a delightful little cafe en route to Berwick, and proceeded to stuff my face with a creamy spongy delight. I was going to have a Cream Horn but thought it might be a little too much with all this cock and puff business..
Rarely am I put off by bad weather and today was no different as I donned my waterproofs, un sheathed my brolley and made my way along the John Muir way. My oh my how the rain fell, but despite this I still managed to squeeze off a couple of sheets of film. By the time I got back to the car I looked like I had just swam the channel (fully clothed which I could probably do). Being well prepared and with a little shuffle on the back seat I slipped into my spare set of clothes I always carry with my kit. I was so wet I had to remove my undies and go commando which wouldn't usually be a problem but my spare pants were a little on the 'once upon a time I ate too many cream horns side,' but as I was driving I had no fear of accidental flashery..
I decided to drive down to Holy Island which you may or may not know has a causeway between the mainland and the 'Island' which is only accessible at certain times in the day. As I approached the causeway the sun broke through the grey behind me and created a wonderful dramatic scene which was right up my street. I quickly parked and leapt out of car forgetting I had on my fat pants! Let me just say it wasn't just the sun that had come out as the elderly couple in a car three feet away almost choked on there custard creams at the site of my fatherhood. To make matters worse I turned away from the spectators only to reveal my hairy moon as I pulled up my pants. But undeterred I quickly fashioned a belt from some cord and made my way to the water, but only after apologising to the elderly couple which I guess could of been worse, they could of been young ladies driven wild by my manliness..
The wind had not ceased all day and the waves where big and very spectacular, this was going to be good. I set up the camera and took a light reading. At that moment, unbeknown to me a huge wave crashed on the wall behind me and covered the Doyle (and the camera) in a hundred gallons of salty sea. This was the final blow to my day and I will leave you to imagine the rest. Lets just say It was a good job I wasn't stopped on the way home..


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so did you get the shot ?

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