I have this amazing thing called a telephone, you press a button and you can speak to anyone in the world.

iphone to teach photography.

We’ve come a long way since the daguerreotype and collodien plate. 35mm seems a distant and fading memory. We are now witnessing not only the rise of citizen photography, blurring the line between professional and amateur, but also an increase in photographic knowledge and image awareness. (In the words of Lewis Carroll, on the introduction of negatives and subsequent demise of the collodian plate, ‘someone has let the rabble in’).

Manga Blackbox is proud to present the first ever photography tutorial available exclusively on the iPhone.

Professional fashion photographer Diego Indraccolo has put his practical, technical and creative knowledge into the application, making up a how to guide to photography. This is aimed at both beginners and advanced amateur photographers who have a basic understanding of photography but are interested in creating a professional body of work.

The tutorials are designed to guide photographers through a fashion shoot without a huge budget and still get good results. Topics covered include; testing, how to find a team, equipment, lighting and editing.

For more see iphonetutorial

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Andrew Bruce said...

"All the more reason to shoot large format and film"

what an interesting addition to the end of your post...

I must say, while I disagree with this fella's reasoning.
It was the slow pace, cost, and in a strange way, the masochistic element of shooting large format (basically it seems to me the antithesis of the digital workflow) that was my inspiration to get so lost in large format photography..