So today seen the return of the 'Nice Chap With A Big Camera' to the homeland where upon I had a fantastic afternoon at the mighty Cumbria University photography department. The memories came flooding back to my student days when I was but a tubby youth with golden locks of hair and a twinkle in my eye.
Today the twinkle remained as I proceeded to talk to the students about my work. From my humble beginnings as a 35mm wielding spotty child with hair of fluff, to my current standing as a fine art photographer and part time glove model.
A very enjoyable afternoon which has hopefully given the students a new hope and inspiration. Either that or I have filled them with dread and they will all be applying for jobs at Maccy Dees in the morning..

I have to say I was amazed at the get up the university has and it has to be one of the best equipped places I have been in. The best computers, printers, studios, cameras and not forgetting an excellent repatwa of lecturing talent (who are photographers themselves..!). I am thinking the university may become one of the best in the country providing people get over the lets study and have fun in the 'Big City' thing which lets face it, you can always do afterwards...

Now I'm off to reflect on my day and how much waffle I managed to spout...

Cumbria Uni rocks..


mark page said...

They are out of the plethora of MA courses turning out some blinding stuff. I thinks it's as you pointed out the course has plenty of equipment but is also staffed by photographers of repute.......

Andy Clarke said...

Hey Marcus,
Thanks for the talk today, it was good to see your work on a larger scale with the context you put behind it. I was looking for you afterwards but couldn't figure out where you'd disappeared to, anyway Il maybe catch you again.

any exhibitions that are coming up keep the university posted, we might get a trip out of them.

all the best