I do believe that the photography department at the University Of Cumbria is fast becoming one of the finest in the country. I have often wondered lately what might have been had this establishment been around when I was applying for collages in the late 1800's. What if I had stayed in Carlisle? What if I had married that girl who now has five children by five different fathers? What if I had stayed in the Boots mini lab now run by Margret who used to mop the floor and pinch my backside...?
Well have a look here and see what you think.
And if you want my opinion, which obviously you will get; every establishment teaching photography needs PHOTOGRAPHERS teaching the students and not some silly old fart with a pipe who used to have a hobby photographing dead butterfly's...
I wish them great things...

By the way, the above picture is not the University. Its Priypat town center by John Darwell.


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