They told me not to venture into town today;
'Don't do it Marcus, its 45 degrees and you might die!'
"Nonsense" I cried as I applied the factor fifty suncream to my soft shinny head and reached for my aviators. The Brits in my opinion are just too dam obsessed when it comes to the weather,
anyway its not that flaming hot, but in a strange way todays temperatures added to my experience at Hamiltons Gallery and the work of Murray Fredericks.
Fredericks SALT series is remarkable and an achievement few probably realise unless they have been to a dry salt lake or a desert. This ain't Bonville Saltflats where hundreds gather every year to hand out and drive fast cars, drink beer and maybe do a few Misrach style images, this is Lake Eyre lowest point in Australia and therefore very hot (and cold at night). This isn't a guy hitting the dirt in a dirty great 4x4 either, just a bicycle, a tent , water and a camera. Now thats commitment.
The above image is by far my favorite and I stood for a good ten minutes taking it all in (can't remember the last time I done that). The show could of been done with just this one image as I personally thought it left the rest in the shade. Sometimes everything just comes together, location, light, seeing the composition and timing and If I may be so bold Salt 303 is just that.
There is also a wonderful short film here.

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