In my early black and white printing days when the wind used to blow my hair and I would eat three or four danish pastries for breakfast. My mentor at the time Robin Bell, who I have mentioned on here a few times, often spoke of how eventually he would open a gallery and one day exhibit all his favorite images that he had printed over the years finally putting them all in a book. Well some twelve years later that time has come. Robin Bells Silver Footprint is now on at the IPG gallery (opened by Robin a few years back). All the info is here. Don't forget to look at the TV footage.

And Robin, if you happen to come across this post;

"I did not steal any of your clients when I went and set up on my own although a few got wind and came my way.."

I have to say that I do have fond memories of my time with Robin and it certainly gave me a broader view of the photographic industry.

The last time I made a black and white print was about six years ago and that will probably be the last time. I don't miss the wet darkroom at all, especially the chemical aspect which I never liked, but I do miss the idea of The Darkroom and of course the quality of the black and white hand print. Nothing will every compare to that...

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