I know it hurts, but could you just stay still please.

I thought I would detour a little today as I saw this image (above) and it took me right back to when I was three stone heaver with a fat face and thin soft hair that gently caressed my cheeks..
This kind of abstract nude was something I was heavily (literally) into back in the days when I hand printed for the professional masses. My fine printing abilities allowed me to produce some real whoppers (no digital jiggery pokery in those days), but the real work was always in coming up with new positions and then try to explain them to my subjects in the studio who where almost always painted or covered in some kind of oily substance (wipe those thoughts from your mind please). When I got to the stage where I had five models all covered in goo trying to recreate an image I had seen by Salvidor Dali (you know the one, the scull where the feet are teeth), I decided I could go no further. Besides I wanted to be outside more (apologies to the girl I made strip naked in the middle of winter and sit on a rock in the snow!).
By the way the above image is by one Peter Van Stralen in case you were wondering. Sadly though the rest of the work on the site would appear not to be as dynamic and striking as this image here on the B.

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