Guido Monafico

Now and again I come across images with a concept I wish I had thought of. An amazing body of work with huge selling potential for the gallery market. A large series of images from which people can choose 'their favorite'. In short an idea that covers every criteria.
Well Guido Mocafico's images tick all those boxes and then some..
Regarding the Serpens series 1 & 2 (by far my favorite) I have seen quite a number of these on gallery walls (Hamiltons in London) and in a few homes (big fat homes of the serious collector) and they are just incredible. Above is my favorite, Black Mamba's.... I don't want to know how he does it I just want one on my wall..
Guido's other works are also quite brilliant..

You may also like to know that I once had to wrestle a fifteen foot over friendly Pylon saved only by the owner who rushed to my rescue armed with a dead chicken and a metal hook. The snake belonged to Billy Martin, Carlisle's local drag act whom I was to photograph in and out of costume. The sight of a middle aged man wearing tights and false eye lashes shouting 'Grab It's Head!' is something that will always stay with me.

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