So after my meat sweats had subsided last night (see last post) I carried on watching all the videos I could find on You Tube of photographers talking about their work. I watched Stephen Shore lug his old 10/8 Deardoff around the street unnoticed (with an assistant!) and thought I bet he couldn't carry that thing up a mountain. Then I watched Todd Hidy Ho talking and showing us how he does those tasty night shots and thought your a fatter less attractive version of me. And finally I watched old Meyerowitz. There was no need for a visual as I just love his voice.

When I awoke that night (again suffering from meat sweats), something struck me. No it was not my wife. It was remembering what each photographer had said about their work and the fact that none of it was planned (at least not in the beginning) and none of them could explain why they did it, just the fact that they had the natural urge to take photographs. In an age when the pixel and the project is king this to me was so refreshing. All photographers seem to want to do these days is over analyze their work and draft up lengthy explanations for something they havn't even shot..! (Lets face it, how else do you get funding in this country).
These great photographers I watched last night just went out and done what they felt was right to them regardless of what others thought. After all if you want to produce something deep and meaningful you cant just plan it, it has to come naturally.

Perhaps I will make my own photography video. It will involve me looking very dashing, wearing nice clothes, have lots of assistants and I will talk like the late Richard Burton..

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