I was in thePrintSpace today picking up some prints (naturally) and they happened to have a showcase of work from various photographers (more here) a few of which I have mentioned on the beautiful and culture rich B Mode in the past. Upon further study of these very images (five photographers with 3/6 images 30 by 40" or there abouts) I came to the realization that it was not a case of; "these web images look better in print" as used to be the term so often phrased, but very much more; "these images look better on the web". Of course this could of been down to the print quality or the nasty matt seal over the prints, but I don't think so.... I reckon with my fifteen plus years in the business (if you include printing wedding pics for a high street photographer, and maybe processing Richard Averdon's black and white 10/8's, or maybe spending a year in the desert with a large format camera and a tin of Tuna) that all this fiddling with images and then having them presented low res and rather small in dimension is obviously not going to pass over well on a big fat print. You can tweak those little images all you like, but one day you will be found out.
I have seen a ton of fabulous work on the web lately, but now I am beginning to wonder if it really is that good after all unless I actually see a print. I guess this is a sign of the times in this computerized world, but if that is the case, what about the quality, doesn't that matter anymore?

In conclusion I would say that the potential to look at thousands of images very quickly on a digital screen is going to have its price. I believe we have come to accept a lower standard of work in an environment where the phrase "just leave it as it is , I will take it out later" is all too common and standards have slipped way too far beyond revival. The thought process is now an after thought, the edit, is now a pre-edit in camera, and the technology never stops moving leaving an uncertain future for todays images.

Remember this my followers and those that may have images up in 'The Space". People will stand and stare at an image on a wall or in a book, but they will only glimpse at an image on a screen, why, because they want to look at the other hundred that goes along with it, and of course, they look better!

Live long and prosper..

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