On many occasion I seem to find myself in buildings of disrepair . Old cinemas, hotels, dungeons,
crypts, sheds, diners and the odd clapped out bingo hall. Today was no exception, and having cast my fears aside I entered the dark rat infested top secret army barracks last used during the second world war. Once my eyes adjusted I made my way through the peeling corridors and cobwebs as thick as Grannies blanket. Small shafts of light cut the dusty air like light sabers as I made my way through a narrow passage. At the end of the passage was a pool of soft pink light and as I got closer I could just about see some writing on one of the walls. A few more steps and I heard a scream, and yes my friends it was me, screaming like a girl as I made out the words CHANGING AREA written in big black letters. I think it was the realization of being in the middle of a shower area with three pitch black doorways left right and center. It was like a walk in a Haunted House at the fair or a trip to some evil relatives house on the hill....with vampires. I was frozen, but not with fear (or because I was cold), but because I just knew I had to get a shot and knew I couldn't leave without at least one frame. It was one of the longest thirty minute exposure of my life and I am still convinced I was not alone (maybe I would of found out had I put my head lamp on full power....).
Well I made it through the darkness and lived to tell the tale safe to say I paid no attention to the artful shafts of light and cobwebs as I scrambled to the sunshine outside.... Then I tripped on a tuft of grass and in order to save my precious camera with both hands I managed to land head first into a half moist cow pat, my shiny head breaking through the outer crust and sliding through the mire like a kiddy on rolla skates....

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