My good friend Keith Mullen has just had his first novel published. Naturally he asked me to shoot an image for the cover (see above) and so after reading the manuscript I set out to Barking, where the book is set, and got busy full filling my brief..
Although much of Barking has been cleaned up, its still has its pockets of dirt which somehow I seem to find myself in. Originally I was to shoot something near he river Rodin as this plays a big part in the story. But after several hours of "we are midges, lets feast on this big white baldy bonce", and looking around while fighting the overgrown bramble thickets, I decided it was best to move on before I fell in the grey murky depths never to be seen again...
As the sun dipped beneath the railway tracks I was beginning to think I was going to have to call it a day and make my way back north where the air is cleaner and the grass greener. And then I saw it, the Flymo from the seventies, the sodden patch of grass, the tower blocks in the background and the wooden fence lit up by the street lamps.

Apart from the fabo cover the story itself is superb and although quite dark, its not a depressing read. So go buy our copy today.

God Save The Village Green is a vicious portrait of a London-Irish family at odds with itself. An explicit kitchen-sink drama set in Barking between the mid 1960's and the early 80's, it centres on dysfunction, lost opertunities and violent, drunken reactions in a family that's coming apart at the seams.
And whoever shot the cover deserves some kind of award....

Taken from the book (apart from the last line)..

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