Study Buddy

It has to be said that I do get a fair few emails from students (and fans) with various questions and interests about the work I do. Recently I have had a lot of these from the USA which is understandable given than a large chunk of my work was shot in America.. One particular student had heard somewhere that I had studied at Yale, imagine her and my disappointment's when I had to admit to studying in Blackpool for three years. Not quite the same now is it... (I should point out here that 'back in the day' Blackpool was one of the finest colleges for photography in the UK back when I had hair and only one pair of jeans).
I do enjoy giving feed back and will always find the time to do this. In fact I can only encourage more of this delight. You may even wish to send me a few images for my viewing pleasure.

Signed photographs are also available including a special edition Reclining Nude With Bulldog Puppies and Grapes.

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