I will write something myself about this and all will be revealed in a few weeks. But in the meantime I have taken the below from the I Photo central site which is pretty much all you need to know for now.


London's newest Fitzrovia-area gallery, Deimar/Noble Photography, will open May 7 with works by the Swedish-born photographer, Jennie Gunhammar.

Within its large West End premises, Deimar/Noble will stock and exhibit a wide range of photographic work from the medium's early masters to current and cutting-edge contemporary work.

The gallery maintains an education department and conducts courses for collectors and photographers, as well as portfolio reviews for students.

Diemar/Noble was founded by Michael Diemar, photographic consultant and lecturer, and Laura Noble, artist, curator, writer, photographic consultant and the author of "The Art of Collecting Photography".

In this inaugural exhibition the images form an intimate portrait of Gunhammar's sister, Jess with her partner Stan and the couple's life together in north London. Underlying the images of Jess and Stan as an everyday loving couple in an everyday loving relationship is the fact that their lives are marred by their respective illnesses. Stan suffers from
Parkinson's disease and Jess from Lupus, a chronic disorder affecting the immune system and a disease with which Jennie herself has also been diagnosed.

Through her images Gunhammar captures not only the love and tenderness in Jess and Stan's daily life but also the difficulties and anguish they live with, whether it's Stan waiting for test results in an NHS corridor or Jess huddled on a hospital bed, her entire body aching. The photographs explore the poetry of their day-to-day life, the love and support within their relationship despite never being far from the shadow of illness.

Gunhammar's images show us that despite all, immense beauty prevails on both a visual and spiritual level. With remarkable sensitivity these images bare witness to the relationship of the couple, but also to the special and close bond between the photographer and her sister.

Jennie Gunhammar herself is based in London. A book, entitled "somewhere I have never travelled, gladly beyond" (published by Damiani) also accompanies this exhibition of the same name.

The exhibition runs from May 7-June 12, 2009. Gallery hours are from 11am-6 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. Diemar/Noble Photography is located at 66/67 Wells Street, London W1T 3PY.
http://www.diemarnoblephotography.com .

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I think you may find that Laura Noble is definitely the Hans Solo of the enterprise! Cannot wait till the doors open.