A small reminder that Saturday will be the last day of the North Shores exhibition before it is packed up and shipped out somewhere else (not sure where yet. Maybe NY, maybe LA, maybe your house).
What better way to spend your Easter weekend looking at something delightful...
Remember that Easter is a time for not only rolling eggs, going to church and eating chocolate, but also buying large photographic prints.

Heres a few quotes from the show;

Thats nice.
Thats Great.
Thats Awesome.
Vunderbar (foreign)
F'King brilliant!
I think I am going to weep (not true)
That would look good in my house.
How'd you do that then?
Thats not real.
So where did you take this?
That won't fit in my house.
Cant afford it, but if I could.
I could buy it but...
How much!
How much!
Sorry how much did you say.
Got anything smaller.
I was walking past and so I came in, are these photographs. This wine is nice..
Is this a shop?
Could you explain the edition.
Could you repeat that.
Can I get a discount.
What can you do for cash.
Will you do a trade for a fur rug.
Excuse me do you work here.
Could you tell me who took these?
I think I might be quite drunk..

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