P J Harvey (not the looney singer)

What first drew me to Paul J Harvey's work where his fabulous images of Iceland (above) which I happen to think are some of the best I have seen, and believe me I have seen a lot. A challenging place indeed, and not just because of the topsy turvy weather, but because every bugger goes there. So when I see some images that send the rest sideways, I take note.
But this is not the main reason for this post here on the Mode that was B. It seems that PJH has been to all the places I have including the good old smell fest that is The Salton Sea. The picture above of the cars is a scene I have seen several times and this one happens to be an angle I particularly like. The thing is, on all my trips to the area (round about 20) I never found these cars. I explored every inch of that flaming place and not a sniff.....
And so if anyone is reading this (including PJ) and could tell me exactly where these rusty beasts are, I would be most grateful. Only then will my project be complete (thought I would say that for dramatic effect..)

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