Happy Day.

Today was one of those days when you walk down the street with your portfolio name tag on the outside. Sunshine, a slight breeze, and a wink from the ladies I paraded through Clerkenwell like a lion on the Serengeti. And so with a leap in my step and a twinkle in my eye I averted my gaze and adjusted my eyes when stepping into Hoopers Gallery to behold John Swanell's latest show of landscapes.
To be honest (but fair) I have never had much time for Swannies landscapes, but as landscape is my forte, I felt I should take a look. Despite the rich fruity colours and warm sunny skies I was left a little cold. Theres just no creative eye behind these fancy prints. Wonderful locations albeit but there just images taken in the middle of the day and do nothing to tickle the senses other make you want to go there and do a better job..
Shame really as I love his older work with the nudes.
May I also be so bold as to tell you that I printed many a fine nude for Mr Swannell back in the days of the darkroom and first met the little chap when I was but an apprentice. What I will always remember is how he used to take his coffee. Not because he always had it black with five sugars. But because of his reaction to my question;

"Mr Swannell, Do you like your coffee like your women, dark and sweet."
"Are you a printer or a comedian?"
"Well I am more of a comedian at the moment"
"So go and do me some funny prints....And make them sweet while you are at it......"

Your right in thinking I was a cocky little twit back then...

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