Lettuce Lettuce..

For those of you who do not know (and why indeed should you) that Rhubarb, Rhubarb portfolio review thingy is on in Birmingham (12th of May I think). I should not even mention it let alone link to it. I just want to write something negative because I am in a bit of a mood.
I hate the idea of portfolio reviews at the best of times. But to have your work slated at (and I quote) £215.00 for one day, £360.0 for two days, and heaven forbid £460.00 for three days, is quite frankly crazy.
I will spend the day with you for free, buy you a sandwich, make you laugh and look at your work for nothing. But who are you? I hear you say. Well I bet I know a lot more than the line up they have this year...
Remember Rhubarb is bitter and the leaves are deadly. (I think I wrote that last year..)

Save your money and use it to travel somewhere to take pictures (but not Mexico..)

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