As my trigger finger begins to itch and I feel the pull of the outdoors. I thought I might share some of my research findings here first. I have researched my next mission so much that I am pretty sure I could join Time Team and give them a small insight in to the history of the Scottish/English borders before slipping a few dabloons in my pocket when no one was looking.
As barbaric and lawless as some people may find the area of the Borders, in particular my father who served some time as a cab driver around the City of Carlisle and claims to have dropped off local Hit Men, seen inside a cocaine factory, although it could of been talcum powder, given rides to ladyboys and pimps and witnessed several underground ceremonies. (He is a fan of the Bill and does tend to expand the truth a little after a few ales..). Todays events are nothing as to what went on in the past. But perhaps I will save these for later although it is safe to say that there was a lot of thieving, drunkenness and murder (maybe it wasn't that different).

Heres one that happened not so long ago;

Nine years ago the City of Carlisle decided to build their own Millennium bridge. A pointless little thing that serves only to cross a road which can be done via an underground passage. When they set about building the foundations of the bridge they discovered some old ruins (not surprising as it was right next to Carlisle Castle the might fortress that defended the English from the angry bearded Scottish..). On further inspection they discovered some more ruins under the ruins thought to be dated as early as four thousand BC. This was probably the most significant find in Cumbrian history. So what better than to pour concrete on the whole lot and continue building the almighty millennium bridge spanning twenty feet.

With Gems like this I just cant fail.....

Watch this space.

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