What a Ferit....

I came across the work of Ferit Kuyas today in the BJP and also received an email notification of his latest exhibition at Photofusion starting on the 31st July (I believe thats the private view day). I wouldn't normally include more images of China, as I have mentioned before its just like images of Chernobal, Namibia, Iceland, Cuba etc. when photographers flock to these places in there droves and usually photograph all the same stuff . However I had to mention Kuyas today as I just find his images of China quite remarkable, although if I am honest a huge portion of the 'China Droves' all produce outstanding work.

Admittedly I do sometimes feel a pull towards such places as China but often feel I would exploded with excitement a shoot way too much which ties in with what I was saying in my last post.

If you are familiar with the Edward Weston day books (mentioned before somewhere on this mighty blog) you may recall a wondrous passage where he has a moan about Mexico being too photogenic (or words to that effect) and the fact that he always shot too many 'picture postcard' images, just like everyone else. It always makes me smile when I realise how angry he got with things like this. RIP Mr. Weston.
I think locations like China have a very similar danger of been 'over photographed' saturating the market once again until something new pops up. Its really not that different to Weston's Mexico.

Now who wants to come and photograph Scotland with me.....Anyone...

Guess there all in China.

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