No Ordinary Land..

To be honest I have not come across many collaborations regarding photography. I guess its a bit like boy bands (or girl bands) singing there hearts out on stage (although there is always a friend who cant sing and just pretends) but all they really want to do is form a solo career and get all the glory for themselves (and money I guess). People often ask why I don't do a combined project with my wife who is also a photographer, but the truth is whenever we so much are in the same room as each other when one has a camera, there is conflict... These thoughts aside, I wanted to draw attention to the work of Virginia Beahan and Laura McPhee. Both exceptional photographers using large format and the joint authors of No Ordinary Land. Published by Aperture, this really is a remarkable book with a diverse selection of landscapes from the likes of Iceland to Hawaii.
Although there is a little information on there shooting technique within the book there is nothing to say who shot what, and even though someone had to release the shutter (maybe they held hands or something) whichever one of the dynamite duo did take the picture it is of little significance here.
The only criticism I do have regarding the book is that the reproduction, in particular the image sharpness and colour separation, its not the best I have seen, which is a shame considering most of the work is was shot on 10/8 (to the best of my knowledge). It also doesn't help that I bought a tatty ex display copy which I suggest you never do, its always regrettable.

Wonderful work and well worth a look...

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