California Dreaming..

I have come across the work of Amanda Friedman quite a bit in the past which is a good thing because I really like it. What intrigues me most about the images, in particular the night work, are that they are taken around the places I used to frequent with a camera myself when I lived in California. A big percentage of people find my own work appealing because it takes them to a time and place they remember with fondness which is exactly what Friedman's work does for me. I am also fascinated with her use of the vertical format, the only other photographer to use a vertical format of this style that springs to mind is the work of Todd Hido. I am not usually a fan of the upright as it just seems unnatural to me, but for Friedman (and Hido) the format works very well.

If I had never spent so much time in California I would of sworn that Friedman's night work was all taken with the help of a dry ice machine somewhere in the background as there is so much mist. But its like that most of the time late at night, especially near the sea and in the winter months, nice to see it used well to enhance my memories....

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