Marcus Doyle and the mysterious Temple of Tyres..

One thing I really like about working up north are the people. They are most often warm, friendly with a great sense of humour, this of course includes mt fine self..
The image you see here was taken last year, but as much as I like the image I was never 100% happy with it because I just wanted to get behind that fence. As I am not one to trespass I just had to settle for what I had. Not such a bad thing I guess. But then out from the cosmos came an email from the big boss of 'Dundee Tyres' who had happened to see this very image and liked it very much. The next thing I knew I was given full access to the tyres temple and rather enjoyed myself photographing amongst the smell of road rubber as the darkness descended (then it got a little creepy as a few tyres fell from there piles without reason).

And so a special thanks to Simon who even trusted me enough to leave me a key and lock up the rubber kingdom (was it you who pushed those tyres over...)
This is just one of the many examples of generosity I have come to expect from the fine Northern folk.

Nice one Simon, watch this space for the results...

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