JP Jespersen...

I have known about JP's work for some time now and have to say that its quite remarkable (yes, my last post may have been a little lazy..). This is the first body of work based around long exposure/ night work shot digitally that I think is of any merit, in fact its exceptional (this being my opinion only as always).
I really don't care how it was shot even though to me it seems very digital but this is of little relevance because they really do work well. I am not against any form of photographic process (you may think otherwise of me) I am just against any process done badly, usually trying to cover up a weak idea.
JP also has an excellent blog sharing all his experiments and new work which is really insightful. (although I have a feeling he may be stopping it, I do hope not) . When someone tests cameras like this it is far better than any 'Practical Photography ' nonsense of people taking pictures of church steeples and enlarging it to infinity... This guy (JP) notes the camera used and all the info you could ever need. He has even gone back to a location shot on film, shot it digitally and compared the images (I always prefer the film ones as I find the digi ones a little too perfect, but thats just me.)
We really need more people like this that are willing to share there creative talents and not just store them on a hard drive.
This guy is well worth checking out...

As for myself, well what do you want to know.

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