We meet at last Mr. Darwell.

You may recall my post on the mighty John Darwell and how (being that he lives in my home town) If I met him on a Cumbrian hillside that I may have to wrestle with him in order to establish photographic dominance within the northern photographic circle of creativity.
Well to my delight I managed to meet up with John, and after a quick arm wrestle in the local Starbucks we where able to exchange a few stories and soon realised that we move in very similar circles, think in a similar way, and share some of the same frustrations within this fickle industry. A truly delightful chap who very kindly gave me a copy of his latest book Committed To Memory which I highly recommend and will take pride of place within my collection.

This post ties in nicely with what I was saying yesterday about the northern people I have met on my latest trip. Onto the list you go Mr. Darwell.....

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