Tim Simmons....

It would seem that I am mentioning more and more my 'Painting With Pixels' theory and today is no exception.
I have see a fair bit of Tim Simmons work and admit it is very striking at first. But I just cannot get my head around such clean perfect landscapes. I will admit straight away that I would not know where to start when producing images of this certain quality (well maybe a little), but its just not my bag..
In comparison with my own work I think its safe to say that where I may photograph the artificial in nature, Tim Simmons creates it.
Upon further examination its clear to see where the style of Simmons work comes from and and I have mentioned before everything in the advertising world has to be perfect, I'm just not sure it crosses over well into the 'Fine Art Landscape Market'.
As I see more and more of this style of work I find it harder and harder to except, but thats not to say I don't like it....

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