And so it would seem my creative friends I have returned to the Smoke although somewhat prematurely due to unforeseen work commitments and a second sidekick called Peanut who is currently destroying sofa cushions as I type.
An intense few weeks of shooting has left me eager to eat pies and drink ale, but fat bellies aside its time to process, edit and print, so watch this space for some of the latest images.
Although there is nothing quite like roaming the landscape alone with only my thoughts, a camera and the cool breeze on my bald refined head. The process of producing the final image in the darkroom is unbeatable.

For some reason everyone I told I was going to Lanzarote just laughed as they just think of it as a holiday resort, but it is the most wonderful place for photography . The landscape is remarkably like Iceland, although you do not have the freedom to roam as you cannot go on a lot of the lava fields as they are protected. They are also full of big sharp holes for you to fall down or maybe graze your knees. Apparently its so similar to the moons surface that NASA trained a lot of there astronauts there and I believe the reason there spacesuits are so big is so they don't hurt themselves when they fall over although this wouldn't happen on the moon as there is no gravity, or tourists.....
Lanzarote is like no other island and I would urge anyone with an interest in landscape to check it out. It also has the most peculiar light, very soft and quite grey after sunset resulting in very monochromatic scenes.
As theres not really much in the way of images around of Lanzarote (apart from thousands of holiday snaps of camels and drunk grannies) you will just have to wait for my results. But until then, here's one from the previously mentioned Jeanloup Sieff (see above). I was going to strip off and pay homage to Jeanloup, but I had T Shirt marks from the sun.
And yes its very hot.

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Ken said...

I also was greeted with similar comments when I told friends I was going to Lanzarote ("Lanzarote - lanzagrotty" was pretty typical).

There are a lot of tourists, and a lot more paved roads than a few years ago, but the landscape is fantastic and thanks to Manrique the island isn't a high rise nightmare.

Look forward to your photographs when you get round to publishing them. I've been trying for some time but I don't have enough talent to capture the really wonderful images that you guys can achieve!