Thought of the day....

And so it would seem there are a few very talented people following my little blog.
I find my B-Mode is becoming very good therapy and a joy most of the time. Tonge in cheek it maybe but this humble blog has made me really look and most importantly enjoy other peoples work and I hope you both feel the same.
What would really make my day is if people started to comment, but I am not about to reel off broad sweeping statements just to get reactions, I'm not that kind of guy.
Film is better than Digital.


Anonymous said...

We need more pictures of Piglet and Peanut, please. Other than that, love the blog... glad to see it's keeping you out of mischief!!

marcus doyle said...

Piglet and Peanut are going to have there own blog soon. Its based in an overgrown garden where they chase squirrels and frogs and eat grass..