Calling Kipp....

Now and again I come across photographers that bowl me over in there technical skills. In this American dominated blog (at least at the moment it would seem) here is yet another photographer that fits the bill and leaves a tip.
Kipp Wettstein not only has an abundance of fine work he also builds his own cameras, and my they look the business. Not only that but theres a whole section on his site devoted to the building of these fine beasts.
I have often thought of building my own camera but the thought of all that testing and measurements makes my head spin. But to have a camera built to your very own spec must be nice. I have had my 5/4 camera for about ten years now and its been in extreme heat, extreme cold, heavy rain many times, sea spray, dropped in a deep mud pool (only last week), and survived many trips overseas. Its held together with 'Duct Tape' and now looks like I did an A-Team creation put it together in a prison cell using bits of fluff.
Maybe its time to give Kipp a call.

Donations are now being taken.

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