My Grandfather and a toast to the coast...

May I first apologise for this pathetic attempt at copying a painting. I have no excuse other than the picture was behind glass and I felt a little sluggish.
This image is one of hundreds my late Grandfather John Alexander McGregor painted in his lifetime. He was by far the greatest influence to me very early on when I was a freckle splattered pip squeak.
This particular painting is very special because it is of an area of Scotland I hold dear and have photographed many times. I spent years trying to find the pictures location until I discovered that the white house in the background (if you can make it out) was never there. You see my friends my Grandfather painted all his paintings from memory sometimes adding things like houses or trees (no different to photo shop I guess) in order to 'make it a bit more interesting my boy.."
I rediscovered this particular image while I was up in Scotland when clearing out my 100 year old Grannies house and rushed off to get it framed (and yes I did ask if I could have it). It really influenced my recent trip, in particular the dramatic sky and the subtle composition.
Oh, if only I could paint....

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