Why dont I just send you a kidney..!



279 Sherbrooke West, suite 205 Montréal QC Canada H2X 1Y2

art@gallerygora.com tel: (514) 879.9694 fax: (514) 879.9694

ATT: Marcus Doyle

We have viewed your work and would like to offer you an opportunity for an exhibition of your work in Montreal, for the year 2010/2011. Please find below the “Terms and conditions”.
You will receive a confirmation, an exhibition date and other related information (by fax or e-mail) within a week of the gallery’s receipt of the “application form” (see page 3)
Visit the gallery website for additional information: www.gallerygora.com

Gallery Gora is in the heart of downtown Montreal. The gallery is adjacent to the “Musée d’Art Contemporain” and other major museums. Gallery Gora has existed since 1994 and represents a number of Canadian and international contemporary artists.
As an expanding cultural center in North America, Montreal is increasingly attracting ‘cultural tourism’. It has two official languages (French and English) as well as many other tongues spoken by its multi-cultural population. This provides the basis of a lively cultural scene that organizes a great array of cultural events, such as the Montreal Jazz Festival, the Just for Laughs Festival, and the International Film Festival.

1. Eligibility and Application Procedure
Gallery Gora invites you to exhibit in a solo or in a group exhibition. Selections are made solely on the basis of artists’ portfolios. Please send to the gallery:
- Completed and signed application (see page 4)
- International bank/postal money order or bank transfer (see “deposit” paragraph 3)
You will then receive a confirmation, an exhibition date and other related information.

2. Duration of Exhibition
The exhibition runs for a minimum of 3 weeks (at least 19 opening days, not including setup and take down time).

3. Exhibition Fee
A - Solo Exhibition
- Each artist can have up to 20 pieces of work depending on size
- The fee for a solo exhibition is $2,500.00 to cover gallery expenses.
- The first $2,500.00 of sale are commission free.
- The gallery takes a 20% commission during the 3 week exhibition
- A deposit of $700.00 is paid together with the application. It is payable by International Money Order (see application form page 4)

- The balance of the fee is payable 5 weeks prior to the exhibition date. All money is refundable in full if Gallery Gora cancels the exhibition.

B - Group exhibition
- The fee to take part in a group exhibition is $250.00 for first work and $150.00 for each additional work.
- The number of artists in a group show depends on the total number of works. The width of each work should not exceed 3ft or it will be counted as two works. The mode of payment is similar to the solo exhibition, deposit is 20% of total fee.

Exhibition fees cover furthermore:
Advertising and public relations
- Mention of the show in all weekly newspaper arts calendars in Montreal (when possible)
- A press release including an invitation to the exhibition e-mailed to a list of contacts (over 60,000) 1 week prior to the opening. Our contacts include the press, curators, critics, dealers, consultants and corporations, as well as a larger body of public members and buyers. If artists supply the gallery with additional e-mail lists, we will forward the invitation to these addresses as well.
- Full colour invitation cards. If we are provided with a postal mailing list of addresses within Canada, these cards will be sent out free of charge.
- Other advertising options are available at extra cost (see application form)
- On the evening of the exhibition’s opening, the gallery will welcome guests with wine and other beverages.
- Gallery staff will be at hand to receive visitors throughout the exhibition and to organize corporate/cultural events and receptions whenever possible, whether the artists choose or not to be present at the show.

4. Commissions
- The Gallery takes a 20% commission on sales during the 3 week exhibition. The first $2,500.00 of sale are commission free. All money due will be sent to you within 10 days of the sale.

5. Shipping
Artists are responsible for all shipping fees and procedures to and from the gallery door.
If you need help or an estimate from our shipper please send an e-mail to the gallery with the following information : Number of boxes, size and weight of each box, your full address.
Arrival: Shipped works must arrive in a strong protective and reusable package. All shipments must be delivered to the gallery door.
Pick-up: If the work is not retained for representation, it must be picked up from the gallery within 10 working days following the end of the exhibition. The gallery will assist you with shipping if needed.

6. Installation of Works
- All work must be ready to hang or show. The gallery provides pedestals for sculptures. Installations should come with clear instructions.
-Gallery staff will do the hanging and packing/unpacking of the work.

7. Canvas stretching
If works on canvas arrive at the gallery in a roll (to save on shipping costs), gallery staff will stretch (and un-stretch) the paintings for US $10 per painting. Cost of stretchers is extra ($1.50/linear foot).

8. Framing
All photography and work on paper must be professionally framed. If required Gallery Gora makes archival contemporary wooden frames at very reasonable cost. Please send dimensions of work for a quotation.

9. Liability
Gallery Gora will take every possible care for the safety of all work; however, Gallery Gora or its staff is not responsible for any loss or damage of any work, during shipping, storage, on exhibit, at art fairs or at associate galleries.

10. Beyond the exhibition
- If at the end of the exhibition the work produces significant interest , the artist would be asked to be represented by the gallery in Montreal and on the gallery web site .
- A 50% commission rate applies to any work sold following the 3 week exhibition period.
Further general information:
Use the most economical shipping procedure
- We suggest the following shipping companies: UPS, PUROLATOR or DHL (FEDEX ground, not recommended)
- Sometimes sending two or three boxes is cheaper then one big crate. You might want to consider bringing the work with you and visiting Montreal (a wonderful city) at the same time.
- Another way to reduce shipping costs is to take canvases off the stretchers and ship them to the gallery in a roll, where we can have them re-stretched (see paragraph 7).
-Framing your work in Montréal could save you the cost of shipping the work framed. Please ask for a quotation to frame your work at the gallery.

- You could also produce the work in Montreal in a bright working Studio (US$2000.00/month or US$600.00 per week for a minimum of 2 weeks )
- Canadian customs may charge a 5% tax on the declared value of your work. This tax will be refunded to you (on non sold work) when the work returns to you.
If you have any further questions about shipping, feel free to contact Lyne at the gallery.
Additional services
Gallery Gora also offers:

- Custom framing
- Publication of artist catalogs and posters.

Please see application form on the next page

This is the third time I have been approached in this manner by a so called gallery basically trying to bribe photographers and artists with shows and usually I let it lie. But not tonight!
Lets do the maths here pretending that I was gullible enough to do something like this.
All prices are approximate.
$2,500.00 for bugger all
$20,000.00 for 20 50/40" frames (yes, that's how much they cost)
$4,000.00 for 40/50" prints. (I know)
$2,000.00 for dry mounting. (absolute rip off)
$ 3,000.00for crated shipping of framed prints to Canada not including tax's and insurance.
So this gives the grand total of $31,500.00.
Oh, and you best add a lawyer fee onto that as well as its going to get nasty...

If you have the money to do such things, you don't need a gallery because you don't need to sell prints.


mark page said...

Tossers they are. After we have paid that visit to the one that tried it on with me in NY we could head north.

marcus doyle said...

I'll get tooled up.