On my way back from my Northern adventures I made a detour for The Bradford Museum of Photography and Media. I had never been to Bradford, let alone the Museum I had heard so much about.
As I had an appointment there I was given the VIP tour which really was quite brilliant and I felt like the portly child that had been given all the sweeties. There were cameras of all shapes and sizes as you can imagine, and an archive of the most wonderful photographs from Le Grey to modern day masters (if there is such a thing).
Being somewhat interested in photography and its history I asked if they had 'the worlds first negative, and if so could I see it.' To which the reply was;
"But Marcus, no one here has seen that image. Its in a box and were not allowed to open it. In fact there's a running joke that the box is empty.."
I found this rather amusing and reassured my guide that the box probably was empty and asked if I could may be touch the box, or perhaps smell it a little. But that was like asking to go back in time to the day it was made and getting in the picture. I never asked again, but couldn't help thinking; 'What if you opened the box and there was an i Phone in there or something...'
It was a fascinating Jim'ill Fix It type day and I encourage anyone with a vague interest in photography to pop along.

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