Lets get personal..

image Matt Austin.

One of the most personal bodies of work I have ever come across has to be the projects of Matt Austin. An artist and teacher working out of Chicago. These are such touching images, in particular the Wake series and I would urge you to take a look. Together with the writing its just magical.
Its one thing producing work of this nature, but to publish it on line for all to see is quite something. To open yourself up like a book for the public takes balls, of that there is no doubt and especially when the work is so personal and honest..
Of course we all know that photography is a very personal thing, but that is not to say that a photograph has to be personal. My own work is very personal but maybe not so obvious to the onlooker. To be honest I often find myself not wanting to reveal a lot behind one of my pictures and often think why should I. Every gallery in the land would have you believe revealing the inner you is what everyone wants to see. But I usually disagree with this view on a personal level and believe that an image first and foremost should be pleasing to the eye and leave space for the viewer to make their own assumption.
I think there are two types of photography here. Photography that is revealing and photography that is pleasing. Of course you can have both too and I think its fair to say that Mr Austin has done just that. But I'm a pleaser, at least that's what I think.

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