A small observation....

I sailed through Jose Guerrero's website impressed with the array of imagery on show. I went through it again, and then once more. As often happens in these cases I started to question a lot of the images. There was something a little odd I couldn't put my finger on. It wasn't the flat washed out look, something I don't normally go for but it works here, nor was it the obvious (to me it is) digital feel, as again I think it works here. Basically its the angles the images are taken from. The more I look the odder they become. The depth of field also plays a big part here and I am guessing the aperture is tiny due to the bright light. This is what happens when you hand hold, in bright light using a zoom lens and a digital camera. I could be wrong but probably not.
Just an observation and not really a critique, but its these things that separate different photographers and something only experience can tell..

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